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The episode introduced his terminally ill, cryogenically frozen wife Nora, which explained his obsession with ice and need to build a criminal empire to raise research funds.

This more complex, tragic character was enthusiastically accepted by fans, and has become the standard portrayal for the character in most forms of media, including the comic book series itself, which previously had the character casually killed off by the Joker.

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Created by Bob Kane, David Wood, and Sheldon Moldoff, the character first appeared in Batman #121 (February 1959), where he was known as Mr. In the most common variation of his origin story, he is a former cryogenics expert in Gotham City who was involved in a laboratory accident while attempting to cure his terminally ill wife Nora Fries.

The disaster lowered his body temperature to the point that he must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive, and he utilizes a "freeze gun" that freezes its targets solid. Freeze was played by George Sanders, Otto Preminger, and Eli Wallach in the original Batman television series, by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1997 film Batman & Robin, and by Nathan Darrow on the TV series Gotham.

He was voiced by Michael Ansara in Batman: The Animated Series, by Clancy Brown in The Batman, and by Maurice La Marche in the Batman: Arkham video game franchise.

IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time List ranked Mr. Nearly 30 years later, a television adaptation of Batman revitalized him once again. Freeze's origin in "Heart of Ice", an episode by writer Paul Dini.

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