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This tutorial show how to build a working blog app, based on kraih’s Mojo:: Pg blog example.This question comes up quite often after telling people about Swagger: “but…why??Input validation is important to prevent SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, and also to make sure your -for example- database contains only valid data.Here you see two Perl code snippets to use for input validation.One to validate an email address syntax and one for ZIP codes.# c:/Perl/bin # Check if the submitted email address has a correct # syntax, like: # [email protected], [email protected] # [email protected] Here are some precooked solutions (the Cookbook's equivalent of just-add-water meals) for most common cases: warn "has nondigits" if /\D/; warn "not a natural number" unless /^\d $/; # rejects -3 warn "not an integer" unless /^-? \d*$/; # rejects .2 warn "not a decimal number" unless /^-? General documentation for the module can be found in the Regexp:: Common manpage, but more detailed documentation for just the numeric patterns is in the Regexp:: Common::number manpage.

Personally I’m a huge fan of documenting as well as testing.

Another problem with custom sanitization code is that it may not be adequately maintained when new capabilities are added to the command interpreter or parser software.

This noncompliant code example demonstrates an XSS exploit.

” The people asking this often come from the same background as myself, where you both write the producer (backend web server) and consumer (javascript, …) code.

When you’re in complete control of both sides you don’t really need to write any formal specification or document your API, since you already how it works.

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