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Site Name: Craig Rhosyfelin Alternative Name: Pont Saeson rock outcrop, One of the likely sources of Stonehenge bluestones, Craig Rhos-y-Felin Country: Wales County: Pembrokeshire Type: Rock Outcrop Nearest Town: Cardigan Nearest Village: Crosswell Map Ref: SN11653614Latitude: 51.991686N Longitude: 4.74468WCondition: Image: Craig Rhosyfelin submitted by Blingo_von_Trumpenstein Pinpointed in new research as a possible source of one group of the Stonehenge bluestones.

Megan is a cruel girl who never gets tired of pranking her brothers.Couldn't use the name Richard Parker because another actor already had that name registered with the Screen Actors Guild.When he suggested Richard Stevenson, there was an actor with that name also, so Parker, as he's now known in the business, settled on Parker Stevenson, the name which he now prefers.Much of the archaeology in recent years has been based upon the assumption that Neolithic Age man had a reason for transporting bluestones all the way from west Wales to Stonehenge and the technical capacity to do it.Richard Bevins said: "This recent discovery is very significant as it potentially provides us with new clues for understanding how and possibly why the Welsh bluestones were transported to the Stonehenge area.

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Drake doesn't use his common sense most of the time and doesn't mind failing school, despite all this Drake is known to have better luck than Josh.

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