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Connie and Han: Best First Date Ever Connie Schuh of Fort Collins, Colorado, had just lost her childhood horse to old age when she decided to try online dating. but with some trepidation."I was nervous about putting myself out there for strangers to see," she explains."I wasn't sure how I was going to get to know someone well enough via e-mails to feel comfortable meeting him in person."A month later, she connected with A. "Han" Smith, owner and general manager of the Rusty Spurr guest ranch in Kremming, Colorado.It found that bees in the UK suffered from the controversial chemicals, which have a similar chemical structure to nicotine.Scroll down for video According to the researchers, the data suggest neonicotinoid use is correlated with wild bee biodiversity losses at a national scales and has implications for the conservation of bee communities in intensively farmed landscapes.Honeybees in the UK and in Hungary suffered more from the pesticides – called neonicotinoids – than their counterparts in Germany.The topic is hugely controversial as the pesticides have been temporarily banned in the UK under European Union regulations – but some chemical companies and farmers are pressing for their reintroduction.Then we move on to the Unicode support in XML and Java* language.Finally, we talk about the Globalization concepts (Internationalization, Localization, and Translation) in general, as well as how they apply to Java.

The £2.7 million study looked at the health of bees in the UK, Germany and Hungary near fields of oil seed rape.

The two corresponded by e-mail for three weeks before speaking on the phone."Han didn't brag or boast about his achievements," she recalls, noting that e-mail turned out to be a good way to get acquainted, after all.

"Instead he'd write about how amazing it was to watch the moon rise over his cabin, or the wonderful smell of sage when he galloped his horse through it.

Professor Richard Pywell, a leading member of the UK team from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), said: 'We present the first evidence of negative effects of neonicotinoids on honeybees from a field experiment.'Variation among countries was found and this suggests that the effects of neonicotinoids are influenced by other factors, such as what the bees are feeding on in the landscape, and disease.'The country-specific effects are fascinating.

They do go some way to explaining why the research done on single countries has been inconsistent.'The study spanned the equivalent of 3,000 football pitches in the UK, Hungary and Germany, was the first to look at the real-world effects of neonicotinoids on bees at such a scale.

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