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This version is for everyone, Please follow the install process below if you want to install the mod manually. [b]Having problems: On some systems the mod will sometimes crash when it is run first time, the reason to this is unknown, but running it from a second time, the mod should run without any issues.

Must own the original copy of GTA: Liberty City and GTA San Andreas. Does not work that well with Seven, A lot of messing around is required before the game with run. Those who have Windows Seven, Wait for the next version, Beta52.0 (RC1 - Online) Installation: The Quick way.

_______________________________________________________________________ __ ___ __ __ ___ __ ___ __ _ | | /\ |\/| | | | \ | |\ | | | /\ | | | | \ | _ | |--| | | | | | | | | \ | |__ | |--| | | |- |-/ |__| | | | | | |__| |__| _|_ | \| ___| | | | |__ |__ |__ | \ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- | Program Name: GTA Mod Installer | ---------------------------------------- | Program Version: v5.0 beta | ---------------------------------------- | Creator: cpmusick | ---------------------------------------- | Email Address: [email protected]| ---------------------------------------- | Website URL: ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- | Beta Information | ---------------------------------------- NOTE: This is a beta version of GMI (GTA Mod Installer).

It does not contain all of the features that will be in the final version of 5.0.

| ---------------------------------------- This program was created so that it would be a whole lot easier to install custom vehicles and mods into both GTA3 and GTA Vice City.

GTA-SOL hosted on Mod DB is a single file Rar archive; GTA-SOLbeta51.91. Take note: Please Do not delete the original until after you have run the game with mod files installed, The file will be deleted for you when it is no longer needed. If you have any problems installing the mod, Please follow the readme file that is in the mod folder and can also be downloaded from GTAG, and sure you have the latest Direct X 9.0c installed for the SA-Hud to work, but disable the in game hud on the menu display options.

Good new is, everything is back up and running now!

I hope you all enjoy Redux when you get your hand on it!

Driving physics and performance of every single car, bike and helicopter have been completely reworked (created from scratch).

Every single vehicle does now closely resemble it's real life counterpart.

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I'll be sure to fix the error for the final version 5.0.

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