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A Christian man will be looking for far more than physical beauty (Prov ; ), but that doesn’t negate the fact that physical attraction may be, and often is, the initial cause of interest.And, let’s be clear: there’s nothing necessarily unspiritual about that.I’ll even submit that if physical attraction “never” existed between partners then many are living in a veritable “house of cards.” When choosing a life mate many of these individuals came packing with a “check list” comprised of tangibles but lacking in physical attraction.“I was never raised to consider such a thing,” said a female client.There are many reasons why people enter into committed, long-term relationships or marriage that have little to do with physical attraction.

And I prefer more sexually aggressive women.” “I married him because my parents liked him.” “I married him because my biological clock was ticking.” “I married him because I thought he’d make a good father.” “I married him because religion was just as important to him as it was to me.” “I got married because I really liked his family.” “I married her because I just can’t say no.” “I married her because we went out for a long time and I just couldn’t break her heart.” “I married him because I thought the reasons why I didn’t find him attractive were shallow and not enough to take seriously (e.g., crooked teeth, smoker, dressed weird).” As a marital therapist, most of the responses make saving a relationship rather daunting to say the least.And while there will always be some risk involved in such a complex commitment, many take it for granted.Like the wife who complained to me that her husband stared at other women when they first met.I first saw my husband when he was 11 years old (I was 10). I "guess" it was physical attraction, but at 10 years old, who knows. He looked like someone you could trust and someone who you'd like to get to know.Even in the picture I can see that twinkle in his pretty blue eyes.

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  1. Nowadays, at the ripe old age of 27, I often find myself getting involved with chaps in their forties or fifties. They won’t believe you actually fancy them Unless your would-be squeeze is made in the Rex Manning mould, he will be staggered that anyone is taking an interest in him at his time of life – less still a bona fide fox like you.