Updating grub menu lst

Your answer doesn't even mention Amazon or EC2; it's not relevant to the question that was asked. I'm asking about standard EC2 installation behaviour on a question about EC2 and tagged with the EC2 tag.

Sure, I decided not to dump the complete content of the file into the question, because it's not necessary for the question to be understood and answerable; anyone who uses Ubuntu on EC2 is capable of checking its contents if they want to investigate the issue.

The GRUB bootloader menu allows me to boot into several Ubuntu options or into Win XP.

Unless I have to fix something (which I hope I won’t have to), I only ever choose the main Ubuntu option or Win XP.

I am not explicitly setting DEBIAN_FRONTEND and I have never set that myself. It asks something like "What would you like to do with menu.lst", to which my natural response is "I haven't a clue, please tell me what you're trying to do with it!

I did change at one point (playing with splash and quiet) and do remember getting prompted by grub. That is, update-grub did not update because I answered "keep old version" Note that with "Keep old version", update-grub will not install new kernel images into The wording seems wrong, since I interpreted "Install package maintainers version" to mean that all the changes I have done to defoptions will be thrown out. " Since I didn't understand the question and couldn't find an answer online in the first thirty seconds of googling, I opted to stick with the default, which apparently was completely wrong.

file looks like on a system that has an Oracle Solaris ZFS boot loader.

backup menu.ls: Tux Girl wrote: As a side note, I think it’s important to mention that, if you do manage to completely mess up your [or menu.ls] file to the point that your machine won’t boot, you can fix it by booting into a livecd (like the Ubuntu livecd or Knoppix or DSL or *something*), and then copying your backup [or menu.ls] over while in there.

In fact, this method is great whenever you do something to your system that makes it temporarily unusable.

But why am I getting this message, and is this the correct way to handle it?

Personally, in your place I would "show the difference between versions", take careful note of what the changes are, then experiment with the new differences in a "development" AWS instance.

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