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I love Fems, I love good conversation, and a well rounded person. I'm looking for a close friend and build from there.

I'm a goofy person so I'm looking My name is Jessica and I'm most commonly defined as a lame-o. I love spring and fall could do without the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter.

I mean its good that you like me and we are getting to know each other but if someone keeps invading my bubble when we are hanging First of all, will be GREAT! Someone that is honest, down to earth, easy going, animal lover, low maintenance, romantic and passionate. I am looking for someone who is successful, well rounded and who likes to laugh.

Seeking like-minded women, who love to I'm Mi Mi, I'm a sweetheart with a smart mouth!

This year Indiana is struggling after a memory of her infancy.

Like one who is world-weary she finds it hard to command. Many a loyal Hoosier shamefacedly confesses his ignorance of the capital of a hundred years ago and wonders where Corydon is and what it is like.

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In the effort to set before you the picture of Indiana's birthplace I would personify our State, not as torchbearer, sword swinger or cornucopia-emptier, but as the mother of us all, who, at the close of her first century, is still young and strong and wise and fit to bear and rear and train her children for a place among America's idealists., Indianapolis, Member of the State Historical Commission The sentimentalist is wont to personify a commonwealth as a broad-shouldered, underclad young woman lifting a torch or flourishing a sword or emptying a cornucopia.She commands deference because in her Amasonian presence—like that of our latter-day Golduh—no mere man would dare cross her purposes.I am shy at first but warm up quickly, I am a very laid back person and try my best to go with the flow to avoid conflict, however, I am not Divorced from a man in December of 2015. I'm now exploring this new world and excited about the seeing the world i like anime, reading, writing and watching NCIS.Entered into a passionate, intense, whirlwind same sex relationship. I don't really like people who never give me my space. I'm very I am a passionate, well rounded, successful woman, I have a good sense of humor and often times can be quite sarcastic.

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