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Hi All, I have a difeerent type of problem with hibernate.

In my application, i am reading the data from the database using hibernate.

Specifically, I want to focus on the One-to-Many relationship in Hibernate and how we go about mapping it out in our Java objects.

This means that we can have a unidirectional One-to-One and a bidirectional One-to-One mapping, as well as a unidirectional One-to-Many and a bidirectional One-to-Many, as well as a unidirectional Many-to-Many and a bidirectional Many-to-Many relationship. So what exactly are unidirectional and bidirectional relationships? Let’s say for example that we have a One-to-Many relationship between as well as the appropriate getters and setters.Once the transaction commits, it should wipe out the old records and add the new records.You'll need to have to appropriate cascade setting for the one-to-many relationship.Iam currently working on a Bi-directional One To Many Hibernate association using annotations. ALL) @Join Column(name = "TRANSMISSION_TYPE", nullable = false, unique = ... I understand that @Entity @Table(name = "COMMUNICATION") @Audited public class Communication Pojo implements Serializable { @One To One(cascade = Cascade Type.

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You should be able to either instantiate a new collection, or just clear the contents of the existing collection.

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