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When another dopamine receptor, D2, was blocked, the drug failed to improve focus.The scientists concluded that both receptors play a distinct role in helping Ritalin improve cognitive performance.In industry, accelerators are an integral part of processing a broad range of products, from treating foodstuffs for increased shelf life to microelectronics inside smartphones.In fact, it is estimated that every year accelerators treat over £350 billion worth of products.

and observed that they did not crack at all" (Daniel Defoe).But of the more than 30,000 particle accelerators in operation worldwide today, fewer than 10% are used for scientific research and only 1% specifically in high energy particle physics. - but the vast majority are used in medicine and industry.In medicine, accelerators are used for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, to produce high quality beams of X-rays, and for advanced medical imaging.In these "laser wakefield accelerators" an intense laser pulse is fired into a gas, which ionizes it to form a mixture of negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions, at temperatures approaching a million degrees.2003, we reviewed “Moneyball,” Michael Lewis’s book about Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s.

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