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DVCAC provides prevention programming and education to teens and young adults to talk about healthy relationships, boundaries and more.If you would like to request a speaker for your school or group, please contact us using the form below.We know that strategies that promote healthy behaviors in relationships are important.Programs that teach young people skills for dating can prevent violence.Further, through this research NORC is examining the impact of multiple doses of grade-differentiated curricula, following 6th graders through the 8th grade with a complete three-year intervention program compared to a 6th grade class that receives it only once, in its first year of middle school.Each of these objectives will be investigated in terms of key DV/H dating violence and sexual harassment outcomes (e.g., knowledge, attitudes, intended behavior, and violent behavior).The researchers noted a small reduction in victimization (i.e., experiences of psychological abuse and sexual and nonsexual violence in dating relationships) following participating in a program, but it was not sustained over time For their analysis, researchers used the results of 23 rigorous studies on the short- and long-term impact of school-based interventions on student knowledge of teen dating violence, attitudes toward teen dating violence, and frequency of perpetration or victimization in adolescent intimate partner relationships.

While teen dating violence prevention programs increased knowledge and changed student attitudes to be less supportive of such behavior, they did not actually reduce dating violence, according to this meta-analysis of research on middle- and high school intervention programs, report investigators.With support from the National Institute of Justice, NORC at the Univeristy of Chicago is conducting a three-year randomized multi-level experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of a multi-level longitudinal approach to dating violence and sexual harassment (DV/H) prevention programming for public middle school students from New York City.The long-term goal of this study is to help reduce and prevent DV/H and other forms of intimate violence and harassment among middle school students by employing the most rigorous methods to evaluate strategies for altering youth attitudes and norms supportive of violence.Bruce Taylor’s earlier research regarding the Shifting Boundaries intervention (see Shifting Boundaries 2011 Final Report for more details) has highlighted the importance of tailoring the curricula to be developmentally appropriate and of delivering the intervention to 8th grade students, who are influential leaders of the middle school student environment.Building on this earlier research, NORC is assessing the impact of saturating a middle school environment with information and behavioral strategies tailored to each grade level.

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Through programs such as CHOP’s STOP IPV, which provides support for IPV screening by healthcare providers in order to identify families experiencing IPV and allows for intervention to minimize the adverse effects of childhood IPV exposure, this cycle of violence can be interrupted.

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