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Proud mother Vicki Beddall, 37, a full-time mother and former proof reader from Sawbridgeworth, said: 'The contract is all about inclusion and changing the face of beauty.It is wonderful that Matalan chose a child with Down syndrome.'We are so proud of her and we are so proud of everything she has achieved.According to Carol Boys, the chief executive of the Down Syndrome Association, there are several reasons for this.One is, frankly, startling: about 40 per cent of those who refused to terminate the pregnancy – after amniocentisis had detected the extra chromosome – did so because they didn't believe the diagnosis.Offering Help, Support and Information regarding Asperger Syndrome About this Asperger Syndrome site Welcome and Thank you so much for Visiting our was first created back in 2007 and t The only reason We wrote this site is because when we found out our Son had Asperger Syndrome and my wife and I found it quite hard to find out information regarding the condition and information regarding help and support.

If you can help please contact me via the contact me link.

Now, if I was sitting in a railway carriage, and another child with Down Syndrome were to come in, I would smile, rather than just stare.

Yet nothing would have changed in those children: it is I who have changed.

I came to realize that the road map I had been using my entire life was extremely flawed and incapable of helping me get what I wanted. I'll never be able to thank Robert enough for life saving material."“I read your book on the plane on a business trip this week.

I began to learn about things like boundaries, self-care, self-soothing, and honesty. I've read the book several times and even bought the audio book! Glover's dating and relationship podcasts and they continue to change my life.

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