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The jokes aren't much unless you think endless jokes with punchlines with "mummy" instead of "mommy" and snake charming fake snakes are funny.

However, this is not necessary if the Straight Man is being intentionally ambiguous. Slightly more serious versions may use this as a form of loophole or Prophecy Twist: knowing that No Man of Woman Born may slay you is little comfort when Mr. A "The One with..." title can result in something similar. Noman from the village of Womanborn shows up at your door looking for blood. For example, the first baseman is named "Who"; thus, the utterance "Who's on first" is ambiguous between the question ("Which person is the first baseman? The skit was usually performed on the team's radio series at the start of the baseball season.") and the answer ("The name of the first baseman is 'Who"Who's on First? In one instance it serves as a climax for a broadcast which begins with Costello receiving a telegram from Joe Di Maggio asking Costello to take over for him due to his injury.

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