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Once the citizenship document has been validated, a photocopy will be made and the original will be returned to you.In the event that it is impossible to validate the citizenship document presented, the original citizenship document will be forwarded to the Passport Program with the application.Depending on circumstances, Canadian passports need to be renewed every 2, 5, or 10 years.Check the expiration date on your passport to learn when yours expires, and try to renew no later than one year after that date so you qualify for the simpler renewal method.If you want to update the name in your passport, follow the process explained below.Anyone legally changing names must apply for an updated passport immediately.Should you need to travel within or close to the 20 business days, please submit your application in person to our office instead of using the mail-in or drop-in options. For corrections on the form, please cross out the error with a single line and make appropriate changes with your initials above or beside the error. Applications should be submitted to the nearest passport issuing office in the country in which you are residing or visiting.

Using the Simplified Renewal Application Using the Adult General Application Form Using the Child General Application Form Community Q&A Canadian passports are issued to Canadian citizens for the purpose of international travel and identification.The forms you complete differ depending on where you are.Those living in Bermuda, American Samoa, the Midway Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands should select the United States, as the same application steps apply to these countries. If you are not traveling in the next month or so, you can submit your application by mail or visit one of the Passport offices, Service Canada or Canada Post receiving agent locations.For Macao Residents: Please note, you are required to enclose a return envelope (about 1/2 A4 size paper) with the applicant's name and mailing address.Service hours: - , Monday - Friday Effective January 19th 2015, walk-in service for application submission and general enquiries will be from to only.

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